The ePro Advantage

ePro InfoSystems adopt an in-depth and systematic approach evolved to meet the needs and timeframe unique to each of our clients. Our objective is to provide you with consultants that are highly qualified and adaptable; and those that work to your specifications, providing responsive, responsible and objective service - that too in a way far more cost-effective and expeditious than the others could.


Understanding The Client 
During the initial consultation with your organization, your business goals and the intra-organizational relationships are explored; and, position requirements and other relevant competitive issues are considered.

Target Determination

For enhanced commitment, targets, which the candidate will have to shape up and deliver on, are determined.

Screening of Prospects
Following a rigorous screening process, appropriate consultants with the skill-set specified and abilities required would be selected from amongst numerous consultants we have with us. Detailed reports on all suitable candidates are prepared.

Specialized Training
A brisk and specific training would be undertaken to sharpen and augment the consultant's aptitude and skills.

Interview Initialization
The list of prospective consultants selected by us would be submitted to the client for initiating interviews and ultimate selection.

Negotiation & Paper Work
Once the candidates are evaluated against the 'specification set' and given offer, the contract and compensation negotiations will be taken-up and the subsequent paper work will be initiated following which the consultant sets off to accomplish the tasks entrusted upon.

Our experts assist the clients with consulting, implementation and training in the following areas:

  • Application Development /Testing Services
  • Database Design
  • Data Warehousing
  • E-Commerce application / Web Development
  • SAP Portal Development


ePro InfoSystems as a service organization, understand client satisfaction is the basis for a successful business. We are committed to provide the best possible talent the industry has to offer. We base our client relationships on professional services from consultants and support staff alike

  • Fair, honest and consistently reliable treatment of all business partners, aiming at fruitful long-term relations.
  • Documentation of all work in high quality consulting reports.
  • Highly reliable results, based on the expertise from many years of top-level scientific research and interaction with industry.
  • Precise and understandable descriptions of investigated scenario, assumptions, used methods, and results.
  • Timely delivery of results; no unrealistic promises concerning time or depth of available expertise are made.
  • Very high level of flexibility. What makes sense, can be done – whether it is the usual way or not.
  • All work is entirely directed towards the customer's goals, as carefully evaluated in the beginning and constantly monitored by the customer in an interactive process. Pragmatic, cost-efficient solutions are suggested to the customer.

Try it out:
the first small project will show you the high quality of the services concerning technical and all non-technical aspects.


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